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2023 Seminar Programme

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The CropTec Show’s extensively researched seminar sessions are specifically designed to provide an ideal platform for growers to future-proof their businesses. All the information to help you tackle the issues you have on your farm, answered by industry experts in the Q&A sessions built into our seminar programme. This is not something you want to miss.  


Seminar 1

Breaking down access to new markets to cultivate business resilience

Public and private nature markets – A view from the top 

With BPS continuing to phase out, there are increasing opportunities for farmers to access new income to cultivate business resilience. Following Defra’s release of its latest Nature Markets Framework, designed to scale up some of these existing markets, this session will focus on helping farmers break down some of the economic and environmental benefits on offer, as well as answering fundamental questions around publicly-funded environmental incentives, such as SFI, CS Plus and ELMS.   

Can nature provide an income? Farmer focused case study  

This session will provide farmers with a unique insight into the economic opportunities and challenges of nature farming in practice to ask: can nature provide an income?  

Novel crops and new markets: Assessing the impact for farmers and resilience 

Opportunities are now opening to explore alternative cropping rotations. This session will combine technical expertise and practice to explore how diversifying your crop rotation through accessing novel crops and new markets could be key to boosting farm profitability and resilience.   

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Seminar 2

Crop nutrition in a changing climate: time to reset or review?

From high prices to environmental considerations, are more farmers being prompted to review or reset their fertiliser strategy? As agriculture strives to achieve its sustainability goals, experts will gather in this roundtable discussion to understand the importance of low carbon crop nutrition, while looking at the future of fertiliser policy in a changing climate.  

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"With everchanging climates, technologies and responsibilities, Yara is here to share knowledge and discuss our focus about 'Growing a Nature-Positive Food Future' to support our UK farmers and growers. Join Yara’s Crop Nutrition seminar at CropTec 2023, as we look at introducing impactful changes to our fertiliser products and digital tools."


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Seminar 3

Connecting bold thinkers in a time of change: real stories from boots on the ground

*New for 2023*

Agriculture is amid a period of significant change, talking to farmers on the ground about how they have adopted innovative ways to “add value” to their enterprises will help provide growers with the tools they need to develop business resilience.  

From a deep-dive into the benefits of data management to understanding the transformative journey to regenerative and sustainable farming models, this session will focus on inspiring stories to help understand the process of change and equip farmers with actionable advice on-farm.  

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Seminar 4

Balancing crop protection opportunities and challenges in an environment of change


With the face of crop protection changing rapidly, experts will gather to discuss the implications for farmers on the ground.

From understanding the evolving regulatory and policy framework for the use of crop protection products, to the role of plant breeding in the production of more resilient crops, this focused session will break down what it means in practice to help growers get ahead.

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