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Anglian Water

Anglian Water have eight Catchment Advisors across the Anglian Water region. We work with farmers, landowners and agronomists to help protect our crops, food, rivers and drinking water. Understanding the agricultural industry puts us in a good position, we know how important our relationship is with farmers so that we can maintain healthy crops and healthy water. We work with and support farmers to find ways of reducing pesticide and nutrients found in our ground and surface water. We understand that this isn’t always easy and so we offer grants to help support and develop new and innovative solutions to local water quality challenges (herbicides, nitrates and phosphates and soil loss) in key priority catchments across the Anglian Water region.

At CropTec 2023 we want to engage farmers in a discussion about “The Future of Farming – Preparing for What the Future Might Hold”. Have we any ideas on what’s going to happen as we begin this important transition? Are farmers and water companies going to have to be more proactive regarding climate change? Reservoirs, groundwater abstraction, rivers, basic payment scheme, SFI, livestock farming, trade deals, cover crops. There are so many questions, will we have the answers?

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