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  • Acres Insurance

    Stand information: 1 346
    Acres Insurance Brokers was started with a single, simple aim which is to provide farmers with the customer service and independent insurance advice they deserve. As independent brokers our core busin ...
  • AgAnalyst Ltd

    Stand information: 2 516
    AgAnalyst offer precision agriculture services to farmers to improve crop yields and reduce costs. Our farm data integration platform Databaler empowers farmers to make informed decisions on their far ...
  • Agreena

    Stand information: 1 334
    Agreena offers a farmers-first approach to making European agriculture part of the solution to the climate crisis. We give farmers access to an additional revenue stream through carbon certificates ba ...
  • Agriconnect

    Stand information: 1 530
    Farmers Guardian is a prominent agricultural publication and online platform that has been serving the farming community for over a century. Farmers Guardian is a trusted source of information, insigh ...
  • Agricultural Supply Services

    Stand information: 1 132
    Crop Cooling Pedestals - Fans - Control. Moisture Meters - Grain - Hay/Straw - Timber  Red Tractor Traps - Crop Field/Store Sampling Soil Health - Compaction, pH, EC, Temp Grass Platemeters
  • Agrifac UK Ltd

    Stand information: 2 610
    Agrifac manufactures innovative and sustainable self-propelled sprayers. Enhancing the protection of your crop, Agrifac offer tailored technology-based solutions for your individual spraying operation ...
  • AgriSound

    Stand information: 1 236
    Monitor pollinator levels in real-time, helping you to deliver precision pollination and protect global insect biodiversity.  AgriSound has developed a unique in-field sensor device for automated inse ...
  • AgriTech Centres

    Stand information: 1 226
  • AgroChemex Environmental

    Stand information: 1 246
    AgroChemex Ltd. was established as an agricultural and horticultural contract research organisation in 2000 and provides a truly independent class leading Research & Develeopment facility. Including C ...

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