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If you want to improve your yields but you’re not sure what to do differently, the Yield Enhancement Network – or YEN could be for you.

The YEN is an independent network that connects agricultural organisations, farmers, with scientists who are striving to improve crop yields.

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Crop networks

Crop networks

We have six separate, active networks – Cereal, Oilseed, Grass, Pea, Bean, and Potato.

We also have a dedicated grain nutrition network – YEN Nutrition – and are starting a new network, YEN Zero, to look at addressing farm carbon emissions.



Benefits of being a member of the YEN include:

  • A comprehensive personal report on your natural resources, crop growth and any apparent yield constraints. Watch a YEN farmer explain the contents of their 2019 report.
  • A free soil health check
  • Technical sessions on yields with leading crop experts along with newsletters, monthly actions and networking sessions.

To live chat to us about the YEN, please head to the ADAS stand where our consultants are available for a live chat

If you would like to ask a question, email us at

The YEN Competition and 2020 Awards

The YEN Competition and 2020 Awards

Every year, we calculate the crop yield potential of each of our members. The members who achieve closest to their potential and the members who achieve the best yield within their network win the YEN competition and are celebrated at the YEN Awards.

Find this year’s winners here.

Hear from YEN Awards 2019 winners

Hear from YEN Awards 2019 winners

We asked a selection of our oilseed and cereal winners from 2019 to share their perspectives on the YEN and their crop strategies. Click here to see our full list of 2019 winners.

David Fuller-Shapcott, JN Fuller-Shapcott & Co. in the Scottish borders
Bronze: Best potential OSR yield (achieving 63% of his potential yield). 

Mark Stubbs, A&C Stubbs and Sons farms, Lincolnshire
Gold: Best cereal yield (16.3t/ha). Mark was sponsored by Hutchinsons.

David Passmore, Mays Farm, Oxfordshire
Bronze: Best cereal yield and achieved the best cereal yield in the South East.

Donald Ross farms, Inverness
Gold: Best potential cereal yield (achieving 93% of his potential yield).

Richard Wainwright, Bank Top Farm, North Yorkshire
Silver: Best cereal yield (15.2%) and best potential cereal yield (achieving 88% of his potential yield).

New for 2020 – YEN Nutrition and Oilseed Establishment Beauty Contest
YEN Nutrition

New for 2020 – YEN Nutrition and Oilseed Establishment Beauty Contest
YEN Nutrition

We estimate that the average crop entered into YEN would have benefited at least £500 per field if it had received fully optimal nutrition. That’s why we began YEN Nutrition, a grain analysis service that allows growers to benchmark their crop nutrition against others.

To enquire about YEN Nutrition, contact us at or visit our webpage

OSR Establishment Contest

New for 2020 – YEN Nutrition and Oilseed Establishment Beauty Contest
YEN Nutrition

Oilseed YEN has responded to the ever increasing challenge posed by cabbage stem flea beetle (CSFB) by expanding information collected about the establishment period and we have introduced an ‘Establishment Beauty Contest’ to encourage farmers to learn more about effective establishment practices together. 

Funded by AHDB, the aim is to create a community of growers that share their practices, experiences and outcomes around OSR Establishment. By registering now, growers can submit establishment information for all their OSR fields, and then select a field to take through where they will submit samples and data.

For more information contact, ADAS Crop Physiologist Dr Sarah Kendall


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