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Digital Agriculture: Converting complex data into simple tools for effective decision making

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Data is a potentially valuable resource but how can it best be used  to support farm businesses?

This webinar will examine how farmers can benefit from converting complex data into simple tools for effective decision-making. It will focus on the use of precision farming techniques and the development of the Soil Management Information System (SMIS), designed to aid sustainable soil and crop production.

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From crop protection to a ‘Canada-plus’ trade deal: How will Brexit affect the cereals sector?

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With 2021 set to usher in a new era of change to trade, farm support and crop protection regulation, how will Brexit affect the cereals sector?

That is just one of the questions we will be asking at this year’s Brexit webinar, powered by The CropTec Show.

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Weed week

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Bringing together highlights from the week, combining expert and farmer views, you’ll find the magazine packed with advice and tips, as well as:

► New generation of weeds emerging
► Why weeds are gaining an advantage
► Farmers are doing IPM, but more needs to be done
► Harnessing mode of action diversity
► No silver bullet for weed control
► Black-grass is most problematic weed, say growers