Data is an increasingly important asset for any business. By using data to inform decisions businesses can:

  •          Take actions in a timely manner
  •           Reduce risk
  •          Take advantage of opportunities to develop a competitive edge

Yara Analytical Services have been undertaking soil analysis (and foliar, petiol and organic matter analyses) for over 40 years and consequently have a large bank of data that can inform us of trends, widespread deficiencies and geographic nutrient information.

Data presents the same opportunities to farmers, but too often analysis taken is not acted on. A broad spectrum test delivers important intelligence to a farmer, giving you the opportunity to remove any limiting factor to your crops yield and quality. Don’t miss out – create a competitive advantage by acting on the information available to you.

Come to the Yara Stand 130 at CropTec and discuss how soil and crop data can help your business decisions.

Crop Nutrition Seminar sponsored by Yara 
11.30 – 12.40pm
ADAS – RB209 – What to expect in the new edition?
RB209, the long-established guide for crop nutrition, is being revised to accommodate changing requirements, higher yielding crops and nutritional uptake.. Two experts among those reviewing and updating updating the guidelines, explain why change is required, the impact on crop profitability and how you can have your input on such areas as software compatibility.
Nutrient Issues – Learnings from a ‘Big Dataset’
Nitrogen is the #1 nutrient for achieving average yields, however, consistent high yields are the consequence of understanding and reacting to other seasonal limitations – some we can manage, some we can’t. Jonathan Telfer will explore some findings from a ‘BIG DATASET’ held in the Yara Analytical Laboratory.
Nutrient Management – Measuring to Manage and Apply – A Farmers View
The individual with the hardest task is the farmer who has to collate and develop a practical nutrient strategy, often on a large scale, that balances nutrient demand and nutrient supply integrating soil and crop knowledge with the application of nutrients from AD residue and mineral fertilizers. Ian Rudge will give a farmer view on the strategy implemented at Bedfordia Farms and some of the tools used to fine tune their crop management.
Ian Rudge, Arable and Operations Manager, Bedfordia Farms