The ability to lift pigeons off rape crops up to 300 meters away and scare all the crows within sight were instant results of farm trials of a new bird dispersal system, carried out by distributors Martin Lishman.
Birds are a major cause of damage to crops. Preventing this can be difficult and time consuming, and failure to do so can be expensive, so Scarecrow Bio-Acoustic Systems have introduced a new system called Bird Instinctive Reactive Dispersal (B.I.R.D.). With previous models proven to be a valuable tool for famers, the new B.I.R.D. system offers the latest refinement of bird deterrent technology, increased dependability and further options to expand the system.
The Scarecrow B.I.R.D. System works on the principle of broadcasting digitally cleansed natural bird distress calls through three channels of loudspeakers. The system creates an environment which is hostile to birds, but at the same time is humane and inoffensive. The distress calls are played at natural sound levels which the birds are affected by but they are not intrusive and often remain unnoticed in places where the public is present, which in turn opens up a wider range of placement options.
Ten of the most commonly used distress calls from the Scarecrow library have been pre-loaded into the B.I.R.D. system. Calls recorded from pest species such as Pigeons, Crows and Rooks are on hand and ready when needed; additional pest species include Starlings and two Goose calls. The user simply programs the calls required to tackle the problem, and the fully automatic random play system continues to work without human intervention. The new B.I.R.D. system comes with two additional operating modes to ensure all the birds are removed. “Re-Enforce” mode is used for more stubborn birds and “Severe” mode is used to tackle situations when birds have become comfortable at the site for an extended period of time. All modes can be set to randomise 24/7 or utilise the built-in or remote light sensitivity sensor for ‘Dusk to Dawn’ operation. The system is controlled with a user friendly control panel which can be electronically locked to prevent tampering with the system.
The new B.I.R.D. system offers a much more flexible product. The main console is now a self-contained unit to which components such as the loudspeakers, light sensitivity sensor and power supply from either a leisure battery, mains or solar panel are connected. This separate component layout is beneficial in helping meet different location and mounting options, with the added ability to extend the system by adding up to 30 loudspeakers to accommodate larger premises and ensure all-round coverage. All components and electrical connections are fully IP rated to ensure they can withstand the harshest of weather conditions.

Justin Stafford, who farms at Little Bytham, near Stamford, Lincs, was very impressed with the performance of the new B.I.R.D. system. “In the rape, the pigeon sound completely cleared 400 birds and they have stayed in the wood ever since. You can see a clear difference between my field and my neighbour’s field which the B.I.R.D. system does not cover.”
The new B.I.R.D. system will be distributed by Martin Lishman and can be viewed on their stand at CropTec 2016, Stand A12. 

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