Knight Farm Machinery is introducing a new individual nozzle switching system that virtually eliminates the risk of over-application or misses when applying both crop protection products and liquid fertilizer.
The system combines Knight’s SPRAYER-Controller with a communication module and a series of pneumatic Muller EDS modules.
Each module controls four single, two double or one quadruple nozzle holder, and is capable of switching each of them on or off in sequence as they reach ‘over-lap’ or the field boundary.

The EDS modules are simply attached to the spray line along the boom and electronically connected in series. They are connected to the nozzle holders via a 6mm diameter airline.

When combined with GPS control and Knight’s Maximiser system, this will enable users to achieve total efficiency and accuracy when matching spray or fertiliser bouts, which will avoid over/under application and misses.
That will be beneficial from both business and environmental standpoints, says Knight’s David Main: “This system takes sprayer control onto the next level. It has the potential to pay for itself very rapidly by preventing over-lapping of sprays and fertilisers.
“With a conventional sprayer that switches off in three metre sections, the first five nozzles could over-apply to a significant area before the sixth one reaches a sprayed area and all six are switched off.
“That could waste significant quantities of product, particularly in long tapering fields. Switching off nozzles individually is much more accurate and less wasteful. In addition to potential product savings of 10% – 15%, overlap areas could be cut to less than one per cent”. 
“Switching boom sections off too early risks leaving patches of un-sprayed crop. With weeds like Black-grass than can re-infest a crop from a very small plant population, that would be a very costly mistake”.
“Combined with Knight’s Maximiser system it will also guarantee applications are accurate and even right to the edge of the sprayer area at all times”.
He adds that the system could also improve environmental compliance by ensuring that it operates to the highest standards by eliminating over-application of chemicals and fertiliser on field margins and headlands.
The controllers fit neatly onto the spray boom, with the electronics being protected from chemicals themselves via non-return valves.

CropTec 2016

Knight Farm machinery will also be demonstrating the Knight Trailblazer steering axle trailed sprayer at this year’s event, make sure to visit them on stand A14 to book your test drive. 

We also have over 140 exhibitors at the event displaying the latest science and technology across the trade stands, while CropTec’s well established seminars and hubs will feature the latest thinking on a range of key arable topics delivered by leading specialists.

The event is free to attend for those visitors that pre-book their tickets. ALL visitors will be charged £15 on the day.