GROWERS can improve the overall performance of late blight control programmes by using Proxanil® as a preventative product.

Proxanil, by Arysta LifeScience, combines the power of two complementary active ingredients – Cymoxanil and Propamocarb. Together they offer an improved synergistic performance for both preventative and curative control of potato late blight.
The product is highly effective and consistent when used preventatively, at a reduced rate of 1.5L /ha in conjunction with a contact fungicide. Under high pressure conditions, Proxanil performed well during recent trials.
Arysta LifeScience Product Development & Technical Manager for UK & Ireland, Don Pendergrast, said: “Historically, we have seen Proxanil being used as a curative product, when the onset of blight has really taken hold. But trials have shown that it can also offer great benefit to the overall blight programme when it is used preventatively.
“Late blight thrives in wet, humid conditions, so you could say that currently, growers have been experiencing ‘classic’ blight weather. Use Proxanil from the rapid growth stage onwards at seven day intervals, to ensure you maximize the potential of your control programme.”
Propamocarb penetrates the leaf tissue to prevent blight infections and ensure protection for new plant growth. Complementing this is Cymoxanil, which acts rapidly to provide a 48hr kick-back cure of infections, whilst providing ongoing curative control for around two days. 
Mr Pendergrast added: “Late blight has a huge impact on the potato industry, costing around £50M in crop protection products each year. It’s aggressive and once symptoms are visible, it has already taken hold.
“Using versatile products such as Proxanil in a preventative spray programme gives growers the reassurance that they are doing all that they can to protect and improve the quality of their yields.”

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