John Deere’s new generation StarFire 6000 satellite receiver has been designed to set new standards in operational accuracy and signal uptime, while also improving the connectivity of machines using the John Deere FarmSight range of precision farming solutions.
The receiver will be making its UK show debut at CropTec on the East of England Showground, Peterborough in November, alongside a number of new developments linked to the Operations Centre in, the company’s dedicated precision farming website portal. The MyJobsConnect Premium service includes MyJobsManager and MyLogistics apps for farm, contract and fleet managers, and a MyJobs app for operators. allows farmers and contractors to manage their land and machinery fleet from a central location. After logging onto your own secure site, you are able to allocate equipment to specific tasks, track the work progress of the machines and adjust work orders to match actual weather conditions, while operators can check their work schedules more easily.
As the successor to the StarFire 3000 receiver, the StarFire 6000 features an improved antenna and the latest in global navigation satellite system (GNSS) signal processing technology. A new optional locking device for better theft protection is also available.
Russian GLONASS satellite compatibility and the proven integrated terrain compensation module (TCM) remain as standard. In addition, the new receiver is available with an improved, free SF1 correction signal (+/-15cm, reduced from 23cm), an all-new SF3 signal with +/-3cm pass to pass accuracy and a number of major RTK (+/-2.5cm) innovations.
The StarFire 6000 features a new ‘triple StarFire accuracy’ mode, which now tracks three geostationary satellites in parallel instead of one. This provides three times more signal stability in shady conditions and the potential to switch to a back-up satellite 80 per cent more quickly than the previous model.
Acquisition of the new SF3 correction signal is also three to four times quicker, so users spend less time waiting for the receiver to achieve full accuracy and can get high-precision jobs started even faster.
With in-season repeatability up to nine months, the SF3 signal can be relied on to prevent guidance line drift when operating in long fields, skipping passes or when using AutoTrac for multiple jobs throughout the growing season. Examples include the creation of AutoTrac guidance lines during drilling and planting, and the use of the same lines to complete subsequent jobs such as fertilising, post-emergence spraying and harvesting.
RTK customers can now benefit from a longer RTK Extend mode of up to 14 days. If the line of sight to the base station or the mobile network connection is lost, users can maintain full accuracy and repeatability for up to two weeks, even outside the RTK network.
A new John Deere 4G LTE mobile RTK modem with two high performance antennae not only supports the latest 4G LTE (long-term evolution) mobile communication standard, but also continues to support 3G and 2G standards to provide the best possible network coverage and signal stability.
Customers also have a free choice of SIM card and correction signal provider. Being entirely self-contained, the complete StarFire receiver system can easily be moved from machine to machine in less than a minute.
The new, highly advanced John Deere mobile RTK signal is compatible not only with the John Deere 4G LTE mobile RTK modem but also with the JDLink modular telematics gateway (MTG) controller. With this uniquely integrated solution, customers don’t need to invest in a separate modem and SIM card with a data plan. The whole system is provided from one source, making it easy to buy, set up and service.

All of this new technology adds up to improved performance and uptime as well as lower operating costs, when paired with FarmSight precision farming systems such as AutoTrac automatic steering and John Deere Section Control for sprayers and spreaders.
CropTec 2016:
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