Type: Bread-making Wheat Pedigree: Solitar X Cubus X Turkis

Market Position
Nelson is German bread-making wheat that is favoured by flour millers. It has been evaluated in trials over the past two years where it has shown consistent high yields along with outstanding disease resistance.

Nelson produces one of the boldest grains, a high HFN, protein content and very low screening losses, making it likely to achieve full milling specification.

“Our extensive testing and baking of Nelson has shown the variety possesses extremely positive features and functionality for bread flour manufacture” states Heygates George Mason.

“Through baking, we found Nelson showed a white crumb, no evidence of weakness and produced loaves with good volume”.

Heygates are now in a position to support Nelson through the introduction of a new Buy-back contract for 2017.

Nelson is the perfect variety for those growers looking to achieve consistent milling premiums while controlling inputs and offering more flexible agronomy.

Farm Suitability 
Nelson is ideal for milling wheat growers looking for a solid variety with a full Group 1 premium buy back contract.

Nelson is best drilled from the end of September onwards and is suited to situations where delayed drilling is used to combat black-grass. Nelson is suitable for all soil types but is best grown on medium to heavy soils. More information is needed on its light land performance.

Nelson has performed consistently well as both first and second wheat in Agrii’s trials.

Disease Resistance 
Nelson brings a level of genetic diversity to the UK and this has proven invaluable in terms of its disease resistance.

In Agrii trials, Nelson produced ratings of 7.1 for Septoria tritici, 9.0 for Yellow Rust and 6.8 for Brown Rust. This allows Nelson to be ranked with one of the highest combined disease ratings. This excellent disease profile is reflected in its high untreated yields and high green leaf retention over the past two years in the Agrii’s trials network.

Nelson has superb resistance to Septoria tritici, the highest of any variety tested in Agrii’s national network of trials, higher than the new feed wheat variety, Graham. Nelson is also significantly better than Crusoe and Skyfall when considering Brown and Yellow Rust.

Grain Quality 
Nelson has delivered high specific weights and in a 2015 milling wheat trial, Nelson produced the best combination of Hagberg Falling number and protein content of any milling wheat variety.

Growth Characteristics 
Nelson is a fast developing variety that is best drilled from the end of September onwards and is not suitable for early drilling. Experience from the breeder suggests that it can be drilled through to the end of February. Like most German bred wheat’s, Nelson produces a tall canopy with a large prostrate flag leaf. It is stiff, relatively early to mature and is competitive against black grass. Experience from Germany suggests that it has exceptional winter hardiness.

Buy Back Terms
Max 15% moisture content
Min 76 kg.hl Specific Weight
Min 13% Protein
Max 3% Screenings
Min 250 Hagberg Falling Number
Max 2% Admixture

Crops will be committed on a “whole crop” basis i.e. the total production from “x” hectares.

Pricing structure: 
For the agreed period of movement:
A minimum premium of £15/mt over feed wheat to be paid. No maximum premium.
Growers must price the wheat at least a month before collection month. i.e. the wheat must be priced by the 1st October for November movement. The base price can be fixed at anytime up to at least a month before collection.

Period of movement: 
The period of movement will be between Harvest and July of each Harvest year. Growers have the opportunity of specifying their preferred period of movement on this agreement. Glencore / Heygates reserves the right to alter the period of movement after prior notice and by mutual agreement.

Grain samples will be collected promptly after harvest and the test results retuned to growers & Heygates. If the wheat does not meet the full specification + associated fallbacks, Heygates reserves the right to accept the grain but at a revised price.

Quality Tolerance: 
Heygates will offer the following quality tolerances where no financial deduction will be made:- Protein Content – down to 12.8%
Hagberg Falling Number – down to 230
Specific Weight – down to 75.5 kg.hl
Moisture Content – up to 15.3%
Screenings – up to 3.4%

Quality Allowances: 
Protein – less £1.50p/0.1% protein to 12%
Hagberg Falling Number – less £1/10 hagbergs to 200
Specific Weight – less £1/kg.hl to 74
Screenings – less £1/1% to 5%
Heygates reserves the right to accept grain outside these parameters without prior notice.

Delivery information: 
Heygates will make available quality information pertaining to each delivery made to mill. This will be available once a specific contract has been completed.

Nelson seed must be certified and bought through Agrii, Cope Seeds or Heygates.