MagGrow, sponsor of the CropTec Spraying Technology Hub, will be introducing its spray drift reduction concept at CropTec, and also hopes to be demonstrating it live at the event.

MagGrow Global is a pioneering, patented magnetic spraying technology system for the agricultural industry. Its innovative technology provides superior coverage to conventional crop spraying systems and also reduces spray drift by up to 80%.

The MagGrow technology system is based upon the premise of attaching magnetic inserts onto a sprayer which imparts an electromagnetic charge into the sprayed liquid.

All living plants and soil have a magnetic field and so the magnetically charged liquid is attracted to its target.

The superior drift control and coverage provided by MagGrow’s technology means that profitability is increased through reduced pesticide wastage, productivity is improved through increased spray windows while supporting environmental regulations and a better environment.

In addition, field studies of MagGrow’s technology on commercial farms in The Netherlands, Kenya and Ethiopia have demonstrated reduction in water usage, reduction in disease pressure, increased spray capacity and reduced labour input due to fewer changeovers of the sprayer, and less waste and environmental contamination.

MagGrow products

The MagGrow crop sprayer system has no moving parts and our MagGrow Crop Sprayer System is easily installed and maintained.

The number of individual parts required is dependent on the size of the crop sprayer. A typical 24m crop sprayer would require a minimum of 6 main magnet housings, 1 boom arm magnet housing per boom section and 1 nozzle adaptor per nozzle.

MagGrow’s product is sold in the form of a retrofit kit that can be easily installed onto all manufacturer sprayer types (

The MagGrow greenhouse Backpack Sprayer includes our pioneering MagGrow technology coupled with our unique application technique to optimize spray operations while maximizing operator comfort.

  1. MagGrow harness and frame

    Ergonomic design

    Adjustable harness

    Magnet housing unit mounted to frame

  2. MagGrow boom

    Length 1.75m with maximum spray band of 2m

    3 Detachable booms

    Vertical or horizontal orientation

  3. Nozzle adaptor

    Compatible with any nozzle selection

    Swivel holder for individual spray angle adjustment

    Built in shut-off valve

  4. Maximum unit weight 7kg

The key benefits are:

  • Increased profitability
  • Increased Productivity
  • Better environment
  • Supports regulation

About MagGrow

Based in NovaUCD, the hub for new ventures and entrepreneurs at University College Dublin, the firm was founded by brothers Gary and David Wickham and business consultant David Moore. MagGrow’s innovative magnetic technology is aimed at commercial arable farmers and horticultural producers as well as smaller establishments. As well as winning the Thrive Accelerator at the most recent Forbes Ag/Tech summit, MagGrow were also recently awarded the Environmental award at the LAMMA, the UK’s biggest agricultural and machinery show.

CropTec 2016

Make sure to visit MagGrow on stand 182 to find out more about their magnetic spray drift reduction and watch their demonstration in the Spraying Technology hub on the live feeds.

The Spraying Technology hub includes outdoor spraying demonstrations, commentaries and presentations how to avoid drift; new technology; approved stewardship schemes, safe and NRoSO knowledge trail. New feature for 2017, 
a live feed from various points on sprayer demonstrations will be fed into screens in the hub.

We also have over 140 exhibitors at the event displaying the latest science and technology across the trade stands, while CropTec’s well established seminars and hubs will feature the latest thinking on a range of key arable topics delivered by leading specialists.

The event is free to attend for those visitors that pre-book their tickets. ALL visitors will be charged £15 on the day.