Eagle Eye Innovations have just spent a few days at a big agricultural event in Peterborough UK called CropTec. It showcases all things technological that affect agricultural such as automated driving devices for tractors, sprayers, software for yield management and other fascinating state of the art gadgets that are designed to help ease the burden on the farmer.
We were there with some of our aircraft and a stand to talk to people in the farming industry and help show them the benefits of UAV’s. This was our first event at an Ag show so we arrived with a sense of caution and scepticism. It didn’t take long however before curious farmers, agronomists and trade people came by and started enquiring about our services and how it would help them. We of course explained all the benefits of UAV technology, such as the simplicity etc and slowly but surely started to win over a lot of the doubting Thomas’s.
I think what became apparent was that since the advent of UAV technology consumers were aware that there was a use for drones in agriculture but the big question was where? Of course the big reason why there was a little bit of cynicism and the fear of the unknown is of course cost.
Although it is far cheaper than conventional aircraft its still an additional cost for something like farming that has been done successfully for a lot longer than aircraft have been around. Of course we’ve had an agricultural specialist on hand who had advised us on the benefits for months, he was also well linked in to many key players in the farming world so it was a little easier to attract these individuals to our stand and chat to them.
As the technology behind farming and agriculture has accelerated over the last 10 years, with the drive for increased yields whilst reducing the application of fertilisers and chemicals, it is clear that drones and EE Innovations can offer a great opportunity to this market. Additionally, what sets EEI apart from other drone operators is that we are ‘battle proven’, and are professional operators with in excess of 3000 hours of UAV operations across 3 continents.
CropTec was an excellent experience and opportunity for us to spread the word. We look forward to building on this in the coming months as we prepare for LAMMA in Jan 15.