24hrs final logo (1)We are writing to ask you to support an exciting project Farmers Guardian, in association with BASF, is running this summer.
On Thursday, August 20 this year, 24 hours of farming’s activities will be collected and shared by – and with – the world, thanks to 24 Hours in Farming.
From 5am on August 20, 2015, until the same time the following day, we at Farmers Guardian will be working around the clock to collect and share on-line a huge number of submissions anticipated via twitter and other social media channels.
We are encouraging farmers and anyone involved in UK agriculture to upload their photos, videos and stories of the day’s farming activities.
Farmers Guardian editor, Emma Penny, says while this is a fun way to promote farming, it has a serious side to it too. “We want to highlight everything farmers, their families and the farming industry does, to show how hard-working the industry is, and how much effort goes into producing food, energy and shaping the countryside that we all enjoy.
“We’ll be compiling a live story over the 24 hours to give a live picture of how much passion, determination and work goes into farming and maintaining rural Britain.”
Please support us
We would very much welcome your support by encouraging as many people as possible from within your organisation and your members or farming clients to post on social media (using #farm24) or email us throughout the day telling us what they are doing. In addition we are asking people to send us photographs or short films of themselves undertaking any farming-related activities on August 20.
If you think you can support us, please send between 250-300 words about your organisation to farm24@fginsight.com by August 14, which we can use to support our posts for the benefit of the wider general public.
We look forward to hearing from you and thank you for your time.
Emma PennyFarmers Guardian Editor
For more information:
Contact Vickie Robinson, Deputy Editor, Farmers Guardian,
e: Vickie.Robinson@fginsight.com t: 01772 799 411