Visitors to this year’s Croptec event will be able to learn more about the completely new chemistry offered by Dow AgroSciences’ new herbicide based on the active ingredient ArylexTM Active which offers to remove complexity from broad-leaf weed control in cereals.
Arylex Active offers the first new chemistry to control broad leaf weeds for many years. It comes from the Arylpicolinate group, a new class of synthetic auxin chemistry within the Herbicide Resistance Action Committee’s Group O category.

The first product based is Pixxaro (Arylex + fluroxypyr), was launched in spring this year.
“Initial feedback is most encouraging. Pixxaro has lived up to our expectations that it will provide effective control of a broad spectrum of troublesome weeds and across a wide range of crop/ weed growth stages,” says Stuart Jackson, Dow AgroSciences’ cereal herbicide specialist.
“Most importantly, farmers found Pixarro allowed them to take far more control of timing when to spray thanks to its effectiveness across a very wide range of temperatures.”

Visitors to Dow’s Croptec (stand 116) will be able to learn more about the product which will be widely available in spring 2017, along with the latest trial results showing the superiority of Pixarro over established brands for control of weeds such as cleavers. 

CropTec 2016

We also have over 140 exhibitors at the event displaying the latest science and technology across the trade stands, while CropTec’s well established seminars and hubs will feature the latest thinking on a range of key arable topics delivered by leading specialists.

The event is free to attend for those visitors that pre-book their tickets. ALL visitors will be charged £15 on the day.