New developments for the Bauer Rainstar heavy-duty reel irrigator range will feature at CropTec, including new control options and details of the biggest capacity Rainstar now heading the range.
Bauer’s SmartRain online management, documentation and control App enables users of Centerstar pivot and Rainstar reel irrigators – as well as Bauer diesel irrigation pumps – to keep track of irrigators via an office computer, an Apple or Android mobile phone, or a tablet computer.
“By receiving information remotely about the progress of irrigation sessions and any problems that arise, managers can save a lot of time and focus on other tasks,” says Adrian Tindall, Bauer UK & Ireland sales manager. “SmartRain provides remote control access to irrigators and pumps, and receives SMS or email messages on designated mobile phones.”
Managers overseeing multiple irrigators can receive status reports from all machines but allocate status messaging from particular machines to the mobiles of individual team members looking after them. SmartRain also saves records of water usage and of individual irrigator operation to help optimise management and minimise costs.
The Bauer Ecostar 6000 electronic controller for Rainstar reel irrigators has a 4.3in LED touch-screen for entering and adjusting settings, although basic functions, such as ‘start’, ‘stop’ and reel-in speed or precipitation input can also be handled by dedicated buttons.
Users can store up to 12 different irrigation programmes and retrieve them at any time to save having to enter individual parameters for every irrigation session, while remote access via SMS on up to four mobile telephones enables irrigation managers to stop and start machines and check on their status, adjust retraction speed, and receive error ‘run finished’ notifications.
Thanks to a digital input on the irrigator’s water meter, the Ecostar 6000 controller also records the quantity of water used for transfer to farm records using a USB memory stick.

The new controller can be installed on Bauer Rainstar reel irrigators in the compact Rainstar T Series, which starts with the T32 handling Bauer PE pipe in 65-85mm diameters from 220-350m in length, and the full-size E Series, which tops out with the E55 XL carrying pipe lengths of 560-740m in 125-140mm diameters.
Latest addition to the Rainstar range is the E55 XL available with 125mm or 140mm diameter high-quality PE pipe manufactured in the Bauer factory in Austria. The E55 XL can cover up to 7.7ha per run and twice that area by performing two runs from a central position by rotating the turntable reel.
High pulling force – up to 40% greater than with some irrigation reels – is generated by Bauer’s top-of-the-range and highly-efficient TVR 60 radial water turbine, working in conjunction with a four-speed gearbox, a 1½ in drive chain and large diameter laser cut sprocket.
The turbine’s design and precision assembly ensures it operates with very little water pressure loss, while the unique Vario variable output nozzle exploits available pressure by delivering full stream flow over the turbine’s impeller at all settings and a constant hose retraction speed from the beginning to the end of the strip.
For highest volumes, the Rainstar E55 XL is available with 140mm Bauer PE pipe in 500m, 530m and 560m lengths, delivering up to 110cu m/hr and capable of irrigating more than 6ha per draw at a swath width of 110m. The 125mm hose is available in 680m, 710m and 740m lengths, delivering up to 70cu m/hr across irrigation swaths up to 100m wide.

CropTec 2016

Make sure to visit Bauer on stand 144 at this year’s event. 

We also have over 140 exhibitors at the event displaying the latest science and technology across the trade stands, while CropTec’s well established seminars and hubs will feature the latest thinking on a range of key arable topics delivered by leading specialists.

The event is free to attend for those visitors that pre-book their tickets. ALL visitors will be charged £15 on the day.