The Voluntary Initiative at 21: Past, Present and Future

New feature for The CropTec Show 2022!

Join the Q&A session with The Voluntary Initiative as they celebrate 21 years. You can find this session in the seminar theatre on day 1 of the show – November 23 – at 3.00pm.

Participate in the presentation and panel discussion on VI’s past achievements, current activities and the role of an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) based approach to the future of sustainable farming.

vi chair

SESSION CHAIR: Phil Jarvis – VI Chair and Head of  Environment, Albanwise

vi speaker

Matt Culley – Farmer and Chair of NFU Crops Board


Caroline Nicholls – Sustainable Farming Incentive content team leader, Future Farming and Countryside Programme

vi speaker

Matt Redman – AHDB Monitor Farm, Contractor and VI Champion

vi speaker

Hazel Doonan – Head of Agronomy and Crop Protection Sector, AIC

vi speaker

Steve May – Sprayer Operator, current 2022 FSOOTY Champion and Northants Beekeepers Assoc. Chair

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