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20 Nov 2020


UPL is launching two brand new registered biofungicide products on their digital Biocontrol Hub at CropTec Show 2020.

With the loss of key multisite fungicides such as CTL recently, UPL have developed new innovative formulations, effectively filling the gaps left by the outgoing chemistry with sustainable and zero residue controls.

Thiopron is a new liquid sulphur formulation that acts as a multisite fungicide through the process of sublimation, the active sulphur particles turning into a gas and creating a layer of protection on the leaf, making it toxic to fungal pathogens. Marketing manager, Roy Robinson says: This formulation moves the active from black and white, to 4k in a single leap of technical advancement. The sulphur particle size and uniformity give the formulation a much higher efficacy than lower grade and nutrient based products.

Greg Hanna, UPLs trials manager adds: We looked to benchmark Thiopron against the remaining multi-site options in the market. This years trials clearly showed that at T1 and T2 timings, Thiopron was at least comparable, if not better than the conventional farm chemistry used.

Thiopron can also be used to control foliar diseases on sugar beet, as well as a variety of soft fruits and vegetables.

Iodus is a novel biofungicide that contains Laminarin, derived from natural plant extracts, as the active ingredient. It is a registered plant protection product for use in winter wheat for the control of septoria and reduction of powdery mildew. The product is a plant defence elicitor, so it stimulates the plants own natural defence mechanism, and is therefore suited to early positioning at T0 as a protectant. The product has no buffer zones and is a zero-residue fungicide making it ideal for use as part of an IPM programme.

Both of these new registered fungicides and the science behind their novel modes of action are explained in a short animated video on UPLs Biocontrol Hub at CropTec Show 2020.

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