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02 Apr 2020

UPL Beet Crops Technical Update

UPL Beet Crops Technical Update


This is the first in a series of seasonal updates written by Pamela Chambers focusing on weed control options in beet crops based on extensive UPL beet trials that are carried out in Suffolk.

Beet Crops Technical Update Issue 01

In this issue, Pamela looks at the first steps in the beet campaign, reviewing crop definitions, key regulatory changes, the use of adjuvants, and key actives available for this year's annual broad-leaved weed control.

Life without desmedipham is almost upon us, so we also take a look at trials from 2019 that will help you to plan your programme using alternative products and still get excellent control.

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BETASANA SC product information:

An updated best use guide is now available for BETASANA SC.

BETASANA SC is a post-emergence contact herbicide for use in beet crops, and contains phenmedipham 160g/L. As a straight phenmedipham it offers flexibility for building into a herbicide programme, and is Ideal for targeted use against Black-bindweed, Fat hen, Charlock, and Volunteer oilseed rape

This updated best useguidecontains all the necessary application information, as well as tank mix and partner product guidance to help you build your individual herbicide programmes.

Best Use Guides for BETTIX FLO (metamitron) and EFECKT (ethofumesate) will be available soon.

Beet Label Summary Table:

This downloadable and printable PDF is the UPL Beet Label Summary Table. It has been produced to provide a quick summary of key label information for all UPL sugar beet products. It is also an aid to deciding if you can reduce water volumes when using UPL products on beet crops.

Click here to download and print your copy of the UPL Beet Label Summary Table, and remember to check if you need to order any additional products well in time for delivery and application.

Coronavirus considerations

UPL are proud to be supporting British and Irish farmers with producing home grown foods, and supporting the food chain at this time. We're working hard to do whatever we can to maintain supplies of beet crop protection products, and at the moment have good stocks.

Beet growers should perhaps consider using robust pre-ems as a precaution in case post-emergence sprays become delayed, due to a heavy spring workload following a difficult autumn or the possibility of labour shortages due to the coronavirus.

We wish all growers, agronomists, distributors and all our stakeholders a healthy and safe season for you and your families.

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