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02 Mar 2020

UNIZEB GOLD gains early application authorisation in wheat

UNIZEB GOLD gains early application authorisation in wheat

by UPL

The multi-site cereal fungicide UNIZEB GOLD has gained authorisation for use from the start of stem elongation (GS30) on wheat.

The change was granted following a submission by UPL to bring forward the application window from growth stages 41-65 to growth stages 30-65, so the product can now be used throughout the critical period of risk for foliar diseases in wheat.

UNIZEB GOLD is a liquid formulation mancozeb. It is a multi-site protectant that works by contact activity to control Septoria tritici (Mycosphaerella graminicola), and various fungal diseases in winter and spring wheat, triticale and spelt.

In what looks set to be a high-pressure season for fungal infections, and with the final use up period for Chlorothalonil products coming up on 20th May, UNIZEB GOLD is an effective and consistent multi-site alternative to Chlorothalonil that can provide wide ranging protection alongside single site chemistry as part of an integrated approach.

Technical Manager for UPL, Don Pendergrast highlights The wet and mild conditions we have seen all winter will certainly mean disease pressure is going to be a challenge for growers this season, so the opportunity to use UNIZEB GOLD earlier in the fungicide program will help to protect wheat against critical foliar diseases.'

UNIZEB GOLD offers a strong and consistent multi-site partner for Septoria tritici fungicide programs, that is the most logical alternative for disease programs following the loss of Chlorothalonil. The use of UNIZEB GOLD has been shown not only to protect azole, strobilurins and SDHIs but its use can be shown to improve overall disease control and yield protection.

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