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22 May 2020

Try a new crop recording software for free…

Try a new crop recording software for free…

By Landmark Systems

So confident is the team at Landmark Systems in crop recording software Geofolia, it is now offering farm businesses a 30 day free trial of the software with Mobile App.

Initially launched in the UK in 2017, Geofolia is used on over 23,000 farms in Europe already. It is feature-rich but user friendly, complemented by a Mobile App for those who prefer to update their records from the field and save the more detailed analysis and reporting for the PC.

Introduced to the UK following requests by Landmarks existing client base to provide an easy to use software for crop records which integrated with their KEYPrime Accounts software, Geofolia now boasts nearly 200 users ranging in size from 250ha to more than 5,000ha.

Geofolia is a map-based crop recording software being visual is what makes it so easy to use.

However, users do need a map from which to work in the first place! Previously, maps were imported from a clients existing SOYL, My John Deere data, or drawn manually. Since March setting up Geofolia and importing field outlines has been made easy for everyone as the DEFRA Data Services Platform has now released Rural Payments Agency field outlines for all farms to download. Landmark has created a free video guide on downloading your RPA maps in under two minutes for anyone who would like to download their maps

As the setup of Geofolia for users is now so quick, Landmark is confident that anybody can get a full flavour of the software in just 30 days. Whether the user needs software for mapping out environmental margins, keeping compliance records up to date, or monitoring the financial implications of their application decisions on a field by field or crop by crop basis Geofolia will fit the bill.

Geofolia even comes with a satellite analysis tool allowing users to monitor their crops vegetation density from above for example when rainfall makes crop walking from the office chair a necessity.

To request a free trial, please call the experienced Landmark team on 01798 877100 or

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