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20 Nov 2020

Why you should be thinking about planting trees on your farm

Why you should be thinking about planting trees on your farm

by Forestry Commission

Trees and woodlands provide a wide range of benefits to the environment, society and the economy. Planting them on farm land can also generate an extra income through such things as timber, carbon capture or recreation.

In the earlier years of tree growth, carbon stored by woodland can be sold and income generated from wood fuel following any thinning and coppicing carried out. Longer term, once the trees have matured, benefits can be seen from timber production. Recreation and tourism generated from woodland areas on land can also increase the capital value of farms.

The environmental benefits are also felt on farmland with trees as they can help to reduce flood risk by slowing the flow of water across land, as well as protecting soil and drinking water quality.

The Forestry Commission can provide financial support to help land owners and managers plan and design a woodland, such as that available through the Woodland Creation Planning Grant. Funding is also available for planting new woodland and the continued maintenance of it; the creation of large scale productive woodlands for carbon sequestration through the Woodland Carbon Fund and incentives such as the Woodland Carbon Guarantee which offer land owners and managers the option to sell captured carbon to the government for a guaranteed price.

During the three days of CropTec Forestry Commission Woodland Creation Officers will be available to:

  • Talk you through how trees can help your farm business
  • Provide information on the grants available for planting
  • Give expert advice on woodlands and their management
  • Guide you through the application and planting process.

As work continues to develop a new Environmental Land Management scheme, we are encouraging people to take-up existing offers of grant support for tree planting and woodland establishment now. Anyone signing up to a grant agreement to plant woodland now will not be unfairly disadvantaged when Environmental Land Management is introduced.

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