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25 Oct 2021

SPAL Outstanding in its Field

SPAL Outstanding in its Field

SPAL Outstanding in its Field

Featuring on the kit of the major global OE manufacturers of tractors and agricultural machinery, SPALs range of fans and blowers have been designed for the sector to provide large-scale, hardworking cooling which functions effectively no matter what the external conditions are.

Applications include main engine cooling, hydraulic cooling, HVAC - notably cab AC for self-propelled crop sprayers; seed blowing where brushless blowers on the seed applicators ensure better control of the flow rate and speed; and hedge-cutting.

SPAL blowers excel in maintaining cab air quality, particularly in the summer when the cab environment can become as hot as a glasshouse and filled with dust particles. SPALs HVAC solutions cool the air and filter out dust to ensure a comfortable and healthy cab for the vehicle operative.

Brushless Technology

With fully sealed motors designed to meet IP6K9K safety specifications, SPALs brushless motors are dust-free, waterproof and spark-free so do not present a risk in the presence of combustible materials. Maintaining high performance, long working life (30,000+ hours) and excellent reliability even in extreme environments able withstand ambient working temperatures of up to 120⁰C.

Euro 6 Regulations

Another area where SPAL brushless technology is being applied is in retro-fitting electric fan arrays in place of hydraulic fans in bus & coach applications to meet Euro 6 requirements for low emissions. As the scope of the regulations extends, this technology will have cross over in the agriculture sector.

SPAL UK serving the agriculture sector

SPAL UK opened its Worcester warehouse facility in 2009 and today carries over £500,000 of stock for overnight delivery. The comprehensive range is extremely adaptable with just eight core SPAL products covering over 1,000 applications in agriculture. With an extensive cross reference library covering the agricultural sector, SPAL UK can also provide a full technical support service.

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