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13 Nov 2020

Space Age Technology Now Available on Earth

If you are looking for the latest technology to help support your crop's potential, then make sure you visit Unium Bioscience Ltd at CropTec. And you could win the latest knapsack sprayer technology as well...

The rapid rate of change - be it weather, cropping dates, agronomy or crop protection product withdrawal - is making for a more complex and potentially stressful growing season.

Allow us to help share some of the burden by explaining how our products can support your crops. Each technology is underpinned by a large research database where we have identified limiting factors, optimum dose rates and timings and the chances of a return on your investment, all of which which reduces your risk.

The major products we will be showcasing are:

TIROS - the first UK biological endophyte seed treatment developed by the University of Washington and adopted by the International Space Station. This seed treatment, with a a foliar technology in the pipeline, allows the crop to increase its nutrient-use efficiency by fixing atmospheric nitrogen and solubilising phosphorus during the growing season.

TWOXO is the award winning nitrogen assimilation biostimulant developed by Dr Pat Unkefer after over 30 years of research. This breakthrough technology links and stimulates nitrogen-use efficiency.

SCYON is really topical at the moment as it offers a nutrient-biostimulant complex to support the crops natural host defences against key diseases, especially Septoria. Providing a healthy crop has never been more important.

T6P is an exciting new product that helps crops deliver their potential by ensuring the carbohydrates are translocated into the grain/seed, whilst mitigating against stress during the grain fill time.

Find out whats in our Technical Toolbox by joining the Unium Technical Group to keep abreast of all the exciting developments and that chance to win a Lithium-powdered backpack sprayer.

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