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12 Feb 2020

Sencrop signs definitive agreement to acquire Visio-Green Agriculture and strengthens its position as the leader in real-time weather data

Sencrop signs definitive agreement to acquire Visio-Green Agriculture and strengthens its position as the leader in real-time weather data

Lille, 7 January 2020 Sencrop has been selling a solution based on field weather data since 2016. Its network of accessible and collaborative connected agro-weather stations can be used by farmers to make better decisions on a day-to-day basis and access personalised, ultra-local recommendations.

After recently raising $10M in funding, Sencrops external growth operation through Visio-Greens acquisition allows for more than 10,000 farmers to be connected to its platform, and consolidates its position as the European leader in agricultural weather data.

A complimentary network of stations for a more comprehensive regional coverage

A subsidiary of Latitude GPS , Visio-Green Agriculture is the groups branch dedicated to connected solutions for the agricultural industry. Created in 2016, the start-up has developed a range of sensors for agriculture, including connected agro-weather stations and irrigation probes.

With its strong presence in Normandy, Champagne, Alsace, Beauce and Picardie, as well as Italy, VisioGreen Agricultures buyout will enable Sencrop to extend its network of stations and increase the density of its regional coverage.

The Euro-based start-ups 1,800 stations will be added to the 9,500- strong network of Sencrop stations operating in France and throughout Europe. Sencrop will then be in a position to offer a unique network comprising 11,300 stations, the biggest in Western Europe.

Sencrop will also benefit from solid partnerships developed by Visio-Green involving cooperatives, agri-businesses, chambers of agriculture, and agricultural unions and associations, all of whom are about to have access to a community-based solution designed with the latest collaborative and cooperative work practices in mind. Agro distribution players will then be able to provide their customers with more personalised advice, as well as a tool promoting high-precision farming.

As for Visio-Greens clients, they will be teamed up by Sencrops team during the transition phase.

Widening access to high-precision farming through community collaboration

Now used by 10,000 farmers, wine growers and fruit growers in 14 countries, mainly in Europe, Sencrops solutions are used to help professional farms in their day-to-day decision-making, using ultra-local data collected automatically from individual plots.

By analysing this data, harvested from the largest agro-weather and sensor stations network in Europe, farmers, wine growers, fruit growers and market gardeners can optimise management of their agricultural perations by minimising agroweather, agro-environmental and health risks that could affect their crops. Not only that, it can also help to reduce and optimise the use of agricultural treatments: Applications of chemicals can be reduced, optimising costs and with a positive agri-environmental impact.

In practical terms, a farmer within the network can easily select the data station they want and retrieve all relevant weather data on an ultra-localised basis.

They can also make available this data and have in return have access to other farmers ag-weather data.

For Sencrops co-founders Michael Bruniaux and Martin Ducroquet, We are pleased to be merging with Visio-Green, which operates in areas that complement

those of Sencrop perfectly. This partnership will enable us to help Visio-Green customers to adopt a more collaborative and universally accessible tool.

Theyll have access to the Sencrop app, which is specially designed for use by communities and to promote agronomic services to farmers. Sencrop will be rolling out its Visio-Green station migration process over the coming months.

Emmanuel Vauquelin, CEO of Visio-Green and Latitude GPS, adds: We felt that Sencrop was the ideal partner for us. Martin and Michael have succeeded in

establishing their collaborative solution - now a market leader - within the French and European landscape in just three years, not forgetting the ever-growing team (now numbering 50 employees) on hand to guide our customers through this transition process. Alongside this sale, the Latitude GPS group is keen to cement a partnership with Sencrop by selling off its range of stations, which have become a key asset on the market.

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