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31 Aug 2022

Selling at the event - A guide for exhibitors

The secret to driving attendees to your stand and converting them to sales

PLUS top tips and tricks from event organisers!

Trade show's are still a great opportunity to generate leads and make sales. But it's not as easy as setting up at a show and taking orders. We've put together our top tips to help you convert attendees on your stand to paying customers.

If you take on board these tips, tricks and advice, you will:

-Have a bustling stand

-Be travelling home with a full order book

-Have a sales funnel filled to the brim with leads

Stand in front of the stand and not behind it. Have something in your hand to show or give away. Engage and ask lots of questions to qualify their potential as customers.

Look approachable. If you stand in groups it can be intimidating for attendees to come and enquire.

Know who you are. Be able to explain your brand and product in a concise way. Try to pitch your product in as quick and easy a way as possible.

Know your target customer. There is always a diverse range of attendees who go to agricultural shows. Make sure you know exactly the target customer you're looking to target. This will make the most of your time at the show and stops you wasting your time with attendees that won't convert.

Have a question or observation ready 'What brings you to the show today?' 'What brought you you across to our stand'. Although it's good to pitch to attendees they will soon get bored. After the immediate pitch, start a conversation. It will put them at ease and you'll find they will provide more information.

Create a marketing funnel for the event. Make sure you know how you're going to collect leads, inform them of your product and convert them into sales. Create a plan with your marketing department and see what resources they can provide. Brochures, discounts, incentives and giveaways are all useful tools and resources.

Get the details of the person you are talking to. Name, business name, number and wright 100 words about the conversation you had. You're going to be taking a lot of leads, make it easier for yourself to recall the conversation. Contacting the lead and having no details about the conversation you had looks unprofessional.

There are only ever two reasons people will buy a product, pain and desire. Find out what the attendees pain points are and discover the attendees desire. Present your product as the solution.

Farmers trust other farmers. Make sure you provide as many testimonials and case studies as possible.

Don't forget to market your involvement in the event! Use social media, show guide adverts and emails to highlight your attendance. Your competitors are doing it so make sure you're shouting as loud as you can. Use one of our media packages as an easy and stress free way to do so. Email:

Want to put these tips to the test? Book your stand at CropTec and come into direct contact with arable farmers, decision-makers and agronomists.

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