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21 Sep 2021

Providing NprotectioN for your crops

ProvidingNprotectioNfor your crops


ProvidingNprotectioNto protect your Nitrogen, lowering emissions and improving yields are key targets for Spring 2021. OMEX offerNprotectioNwith DIDIN, a urease and nitrification inhibitor, with over 30 years proven results.

How It Works

DIDIN protects the nitrogen until its safely in the ground, and delivers a steady supply of nitrogen to the plant throughout the growing season, meaning the full seasons nitrogen can be applied in one simple pass saving time and reducing passes over the soil.

DIDIN is formulated withNprotectioNtechnology, with urease and nitrification inhibitors, ensuring the safe delivery of crop available nitrogen throughout the season, leading to improved quality and yield. The nitrification and urease inhibitors control the release of nitrate nitrogen and reduce the risk of ammonia and nitrous oxide emissions, increasing yield, reducing application costs and simplifying the nitrogen management of the crop.

Tried and Tested

DIDIN, is the most proven nitrification and urease inhibitor, with over 30 years of nitrogen 

use efficiency data. Trials consistently demonstrate improved yield and reduced emissions, where DIDIN has been used:

  • 7.7% yield increase
  • 66% reduction in nitrous oxide emissions
  • 49.5% reduction in nitrate leaching

Recent OMEX trials have taken an in depth look at how farmers can best achieve a positive increase in NUE, comparing different forms of fertiliser, different application timings and the use of inhibitors. Take a look at drone pictures of one of our plot trials, taken of a light land wheat site during the very dry conditions in April last year.

The lusher, greener plots in the trial below, demonstrate where DIDIN has been applied, alongside several other applications. In all instances, using DIDIN, produced a healthier crop:

To speak to our technical team of advisors, on how best to protect your nitrogen this Spring and improve Nitrogen Use Efficiency, find your local advisor on our interactive map, here.

We always carry out an annual soil test for nutrient levels, which are normally in the 3/4s, because historically they always used to apply 20t/ac of pig manure every year, he explains. OMEX now carries out our soil testing before ploughing.

Mr Caton places the fertiliser order with OMEX based on the soil analysis and a tailored fertiliser mix is delivered in a tanker to the field edge, where it can be easily accessed by the fertiliser contractor.

Switching to the OMEX system takes much of the time consuming element of the operation, which frees up valuable management time, he says. It has also reduced the number of tractors needed in the field, which has saved diesel and reduced soil compaction.

If we also take into account the cost of the granular fertiliser application that we no longer need, then the OMEX suspension fertiliser system has saved us money too. With no waste bags or leftover fertiliser at the end of season to dispose of or store, we feel that we are also having a positive impact on the environment.

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