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24 Aug 2021

How to get your pre-show promotion right

How to get your pre-show promotion right

Youve booked your stand, organised your stand design and staff, so thats CropTec sorted, right? Not quite - theres some essential prep that you might still be missing your pre-show promotion.

Pre-show promotion is so important in many ways for letting customers and potential new leads know that youll be there, first and foremost, but also for maximum media and marketing coverage. In 2019, CropTec marketing got over 3 million impressions, so make sure you tap into this reach with pre-show promotion.

Attendees pick up information about the event in many different areas, and research shows that the more touchpoints (or places) an attendee sees a promotion beforehand, the more likely they are to recognise your stand at the event.

Well run through the most important things to consider when planning your pre-show promotion:

Stand graphic

To begin make sure that you add the show details to your website and emails so that exisitng customers know you'll be there. Our team will also send you out a personalised graphicwith your logo on to help you publicise this. This graphic can be used on website, social media and emails, which well come to next.

Use relevant platforms for each piece of content

Dont spread yourself too thin across lots of different platforms identify which ones your customers use and do them well, with consistent information and messages.

Content Creation

Quality content can be really expensive to produce, but with some quick wins, it can be really cost effective and quick. User generated posts are a testament to your brand and will resonate with people who may not be familiar with your company. Find some user generated posts online, regarding your products or services, format them and re-post them, or encourage your customers to start a conversation on social media.

Utilise your best resources

Your colleagues who will be on the stand! People buy from people, and as much work as you put into branding and marketing, your colleagues and/or employees are the people who will be making that lasting impression on customers. So, as well as utilising your company social media accounts to promote your presence at CropTec, make sure your colleagues/employees are posting about the event on their personal LinkedIn and Twitter profiles and ensuring that all their connections know they will be at the event and what they'll be showcasing.

Videos are great for engagement

Take a short ‘sneak-peak video of the technology or products youll be displaying on stand and post it on social media these videos can be done on a smart phone and are effective in building momentum and interest around your products.

Make more of your press releases and news

Use the CropTec blog to your advantage. We post our exhibitors news and press releases on the CropTec blog, which our audience uses to catch up with the latest CropTec and arable developments. If you have content which is relevant to an arable audience, send it to Edward Seed and we will post this on the blog for you. For example, this could be a new product launch, new trial results or technical content.

Send us your case studies

Send us your case studies from customers who have bought new kit, technology or services at previous CropTec events and are now using them on farm. We'll promote your case study across the CropTec and Arable Farming platforms where possible. Email Edward with your case study.

For details or if you have any questions on the above, contact Edward Seed or Rebecca Fearon

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