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07 Aug 2020

Post-emergence weed management in Oilseed Rape

Post-emergence weed management in Oilseed Rape

By Clayton Plant Protection

Clayton Plant Protection offer a wide range of herbicides for use in Oilseed rape crops this autumn. Good crop establishment in order to maximise yield relies on effective, early season control of grass and broad-leaved weeds.

Cereal volunteers

Volunteer cereals establish quickly when the OSR is small and uncompetitive. Target herbicide control when 20 volunteers/m2 are present. Clayton Maximus® (125g/lt Fluazifop-p-butyl) and Clayton Satchmo® (100g/lt propaquizafop) both offer good control of volunteer cereals and some other grass weeds


Target both Black-grass and other problem grassweeds with an effective post-emergence herbicide in the early autumn period to prevent damaging yield loss and carry over of blackgrass seed to following cereal crops. Clayton Gatso® (120g/lt clethodim) offers good levels of control. For the latest stewardship advice please visit

Broad-leaved weeds

As a brassica weed, charlock can be particularly difficult to control in Oilseed Rape and can lead to yield loss and crop rejection. As a parallel product, Clayton Belstone® (480g/lt bifenox), can be used on oilseed rape under the same EAMU (off-label) approval that is granted for the reference product, Fox.

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