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28 Oct 2020

Nutrients and Nutrient Use Efficiency

Nutrients and Nutrient Use Efficiency

by Unium Bioscience

There are many things we have to consider when we look at plant nutrition, at Unium we look to provide high-quality products at affordable prices with the highest use efficiency.

Elements may come in many forms, their uses and responses within the plant are varied and their interactions with other elements complex. At Unium we try to join these dots as best we can and so often we combine metabolites that are complementary in action to the nutrient formulation and vice versa to make more robust and reliable solutions.

A great example is Wholly K a pure form of potassium containing no antagonistic anions to inhibit its uptake and performance nutritionally alongside a metabolite which increases nitrogen assimilation within the plant for a very complementary action, another example would be Klorofill, it is the perfect partner for combining with magnesium at flag leaf on cereals as both have impacts on the production of chlorophyll within the plant, building a more efficient leaf.

Tiros is our most exciting biological nutrient as we are developing strains of endophytes that support the crops growth, some fix atmospheric nitrogen, others make phosphorus , potassium, calcium or sulphur more available from the soil along with other micronutrients. We are currently linking this with nitrogen dose-response trials to assess the improved efficiency we are gaining. The next step will be making this technology as a foliar treatment for ease of use in season.

The final piece of the jigsaw is the review of N P and K efficiencies as they are notoriously poor which is not only expensive for the farmer but also the environment. It's an exciting arena for which we have had very positive results so far.

If you would like to know more you are very welcome to visit us or our website

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