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11 Nov 2020

The NFU. We’re here for all of you

What's your crop protection strategy?

National Farmers Union (NFU)

There is no doubt that 2020 has subjected our families and our farms to enormous challenges. From the unexpected and wide-reaching impacts of a global health pandemic, combined with the added effects of extreme weather and the uncertainty we face as we leave the European Union, farming has met these challenges head on.

Under the umbrella of the NFU, farming has stood united, proving that our one voice can be the driving force for change.

Every single member played a part in uniting our rallying call on food standards.

We have always been clear: to sign up to a trade deal which results in opening our shelves, fridges and homes to food which would be illegal to produce here would be morally bankrupt.

Our high-profile campaign saw more than one million people draw a line in the sand on food standards, with half of those signing up to our Back British Farming database.

By converting this public support into political pressure, Government launched a Trade and Agriculture Commission which will help address the challenges of safeguarding the high production standards of British farmers.

From lobbying leading to the relaxation of the three crop rule and saving farmers more than £450 for every 1,000 litres of fuel bought for the farm, to securing support packages for dairy, horticulture and ornamental growers, our focus has always been about achieving results. This would not have been possible without our 55,000-strong membership.

As we head into a new era for British agriculture, there has never been a stronger case to ensure we are united. Beyond the horizon lies the uncharted waters of agricultural transition, combined with new future trade and environmental policies. This is why YOUR membership of the NFU is vital.

Together we have the chance to ensure farmings future is brimming with opportunity and that food production gets the recognition and reward it rightly deserves. I hope we can count on your support.

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