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23 Nov 2020

New xarvio Field Manager features deliver enhanced insights

Launched in the UK this year, xarvio Field Manager has already amassed 1,100 new users. Field Manager provides field-specific agronomic insights to growers and agronomists assisting decision making, from seeding to harvest.

By working closely with its users, xarvio has enhanced the platforms accuracy and forecasting abilities. Recent updates give users access to further insights, more accurate field mapping, the ability to share farm access and a useful overview of farms, enabling better decision making.

• Leaf Area Index (LAI) satellite maps superseding the normalised difference vegetation index (NDVI) maps, the new biomass images improve the accuracy of variable rate fungicide applications.

• ‘Expert View shows key data used to calculate risk alerts including weather, disease risk by type, lodging, nutrition and growth stage.

• ‘Share Your Farm gives farmers the ability to share access and information with colleagues and advisors.

• ‘CrossFarm Dashboard provides an overview and comparisons across multiple farms for farmers and advisors.

Jock Willmott, Director at Strutt & Parker, and Graham Willoughby, farm manager have been using xarvio Field Manager at Maces Farm in Essex.

We dont want to be spending money on crops when the yield isnt there, but we do want to invest in crops that have high yield potential. Thats where this technology comes in, it gives us that confidence, comments Mr Willmott. Decision-making based on data and science, in addition to our visual assessment and intuition, not only justifies our actions but improves our decision-making.

Mr Willoughby adds Field Manager means we can all record our observations and share them, so weve all got a complete picture, all of the time… In bringing all our information together, xarvio is making our decision-making processes easier, simpler and more accurate.

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