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09 Apr 2020

New TurboDisc 3 coulter on Pronto DC drill

New TurboDisc 3 coulter on Pronto DC drill


The highly regarded HORSCH Pronto DC is a drill designed for high-speed precise sowing after plough, mulch sowing or direct seed. A new TurboDisc 3 coulter, a new PowerDisc parallelogram coulter and the addition of RowControl will further improve its Spring drilling capabilities.

TurboDisc 3 coulter

The new TurboDisc 3 double disc coulter builds on the proven capabilities of the previous generations to achieve a perfect seed placement for an even broader range of requirements and soils.

During the development stage the main focus was on precision and stability. An almost invisible component, the inside scraper, has been carefully optimised to increase operational reliability in extreme conditions.

PowerDisc coulter

The latest PowerDisc parallelogram coulter is ideal for difficult conditions and provides a pressure of up to 150kg per coulter for precise seed placement even on coarse seedbeds. The double disc coulter is equipped with very large bearings designed to be extremely stable and durable.

Experience from the HORSCH Maestro single grain seed drills has been built on and, similar to the Prontos well-proven TurboDisc coulter, two seed coulters run behind one tyre of the packer.


The SectionControl distributor tower, RowControl, with single row shut-off is now available for the Pronto DC, making overlaps and seeding windows a thing of the past. This saves seed, fertiliser and micro-granular compound. Tramlines can be created in any row and the track-spacing and track width can be produced in every combination.

Due to its sophisticated seed and air management, the RowControl distribution tower can shut off individual rows without affecting the cross distribution of the machine. In practice, it makes sense to combine individual rows to small groups.

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