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09 Apr 2020

The new NZ Mounted 500-600

The new NZ Mounted 500-600

By Vaderstad

Väderstad launches a new NZ Mounted tine harrow. Upgrading the lineup is a new 6-metre model fitted with a reinforced frame and a unique versatile drawbar.

The new NZ Mounted 500-600 is equipped with a unique versatile drawbar, making it able to replicate the excellent contour following precision of a trailed machine, while also taking the advantages from being a mounted machine.

- The versatile drawbar enables the driver to easily unlock the drawbar linkage into a floating position. In the floating position, NZ Mounted can move independently from the tractor, offering an exceptional contour following in three dimensions. If needed, the drawbar linkage can easily by locked, without the need for tools.

While upgrading the machine, a new 6-metre model is introduced. With tines fitted on four axles and a tine spacing of 9cm.

- NZ Mounted delivers an intensive seedbed preparation whilst maintaining an even depth. By performing multiple operations in one pass the NZ mounted can save passes during seedbed preparation. This retains moisture, reduces soil compaction and increases yield potential.

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