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20 Nov 2020

New Long-Range Antenna reinvents the EnviroMonitor system for farmers and growers.

Prodata Weather Systems is excited to announce a new addition to the Davis range of high-quality environmental monitoring products.

The recently released Long-Range Antenna for the Davis EnviroMonitor system is now available to purchase from Prodata.

The EnviroMonitor is a highly flexible system able to remotely monitor many physical aspects of the environment, both outdoors and in other settings such as greenhouses. Data readings include weather, soil conditions and many other environmental parameters such as water level, flow rate, water pressure and soil salinity. It provides farmers and growers invaluable information directly to their devices which enables them to make minute-by-minute crop management decisions.

This new Long-Range Antenna dramatically increases the flexibility and cost-effectiveness of the EnviroMonitor network. Previously farmers and growers could effectively monitor 78 hectares with one gateway. Now with ideal conditions and the addition of the Long-Range Antennas, one gateway could cover 2,827ha. By extending the EnviroMonitor network with the addition of further nodes and Long-Range Antennas the area monitored can be increased many times further.

This new product effectively reinvents the EnviroMonitor system by opening up this solution to those who may previously have been put off by the additional licensing and hardware costs as they can now deploy numerous sensors into multiple fields over a far wider area.

Peter Palmer, sales director at Prodata Weather Systems, said: I believe this new product takes field weather and environmental data collection to a new level and places the Davis EnviroMonitor product well above its competitors.

Farmers and growers should contact Pete on 03336 664175 or via for further information.


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