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26 Nov 2020

Mechanical Crop Care with the Tined Weeder Pro from APV

Mechanical Crop Care with the Tined Weeder Pro from APV

by APV

Mechanical crop care is becoming increasingly important. Therefore APV has given crop management top priority and offers, among other things, the Tined Weeder AS, the Rotary Hoe RH and the Tined Weeder Pro VS. These implements are well suited for that purpose.

Tined Weeder Pro VS the flexible Innovation

In order to meet the given requirements from the customers, it is necessary to adjust the implements accordingly. Therefore, the APV Tined Weeder Pro was designed in a way that enables the user to adapt the tine pressure so that only the tines own weight is working. This option increases the period of use enormously, as optimum weeding results can also be achieved in the sensitive plant stages. Only APV offers these adjustment possibilities!

The Tined Weeder Pro is one step ahead of the other cultivation tools. With its innovative tine and spring system, it adapts precisely to the soil and protects the crop at the highest level. Due to the spring system, the tines adapt perfectly to the soil, while the tine pressure remains constant at different tine levels. As a result, crops planted on ridges such as potato, carrot or similar, can also be harrowed and it is guaranteed that the ridge remains its shape.

The tines, in contrast to the conventional Tined Weeders, are mounted wide and pivots within the frame. The benefit of this is that the tine can only move downwards and upwards and not to left or right.

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