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28 Oct 2020

Maximise your crops natural defences with Scyon

Maximise your crops natural defences with Scyon

by Unium Bioscience

‘Disease can alter plant nutrition whilst plant nutrition can alter disease severity, according to Huber, 2013. Its a very true perspective and one that is increasingly important and becoming better understood through research of the interactions between nutrients, biostimulants, crop protection interacting with agronomy

The intricate relationship of potassium (K) nutrition with metabolic functions and growth, and its interrelationship with the various other nutrients within the plant, mean it is key element to modify disease resistance or susceptibility. It is vital for the accumulation of inhibitory amino acids, phytoalexins, phenols, and auxins around infection sites.

An integrated approach is fundamental to crop management as with more fungicides are being withdrawn, reduced reliability of product performance due to resistance and then theres an increasing pressure on the genetics of resistant, varietal resistance breaking down, increasing extreme weather events and , the desire for greener solutions, along with a greater understanding of integrated nutrition, means theres an opportunity to we can now build a more holistic approach to crop health than ever before.

Scyon, the potassium- based technology developed by Unium Bioscience, is a complex of metabolites and nutrients (S, Mn and Zn) to maintain nutritional balance within the plant and key metabolites, specifically targeted and to support the plants natural defences. This balance is critical at times of rapid growth to ensure optimal crop health. It creates a stronger, robust plant structure which is more able to withstand the stresses of the season.

As plants become nutritionally unbalanced, their ability to coordinate a rapid defensive response is impaired. As such, plants that are nutritionally limited tend to be more susceptible to biotic and abiotic stress; disease levels increase, water stress increases, stem strength weakens, attraction to pests increases etc.

Nutritional balance is a critical part of overall plant health and provides support to fungicides, new and old.

In summary, Scyon helps to strengthen the plants own natural defences by maintaining nutritional supply. It reduces crop stress and maximises nutrient availability during times of rapid growth to optimize growth, yield and quality.

We look forward to discussing it with you at Croptech

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