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13 Nov 2020

Manage your input costs and update your crop records on the go with Geofolia!

It can seem like an uphill battle given the challenges presented to us by A, B and C (short for Adverse weather, BREXIT and COVID-19). With uncertainty a given margins can be eroded quickly; it is now more important than ever to track the elements which you can control in your business that affect your bottom line input cost-efficiency is vital.

Robert Hambidge farms 266ha outside Dereham and Nick Padwick is Estates Director for 2,000ha Peddar Farming at Dersingham. While these farms operate on different scales, both have opted to upgrade their crop recording software to Geofolia to help them ensure input efficiency in terms of cost and time.

Peddar Farming covers five farms in total, two of which are home farms with an aim of reducing fixed costs and improving gross margins. Farming has lots of challenges over the next five or six years, so we are really starting to look at what we are spending. Not only is Geofolia less expensive than our previous software, we can use it on different desktops and the operators have all got it on their mobile devices explained Nick.


Initial set up costs 50% less than previous software used

Annual subscription 60% less than previous software used

Peddar Farming initially tried Geofolia on a 30 day free trial though Nick says we actually made the decision to purchase after 10 days. The trial was fully supported by Nicks local Landmark consultant and set up was straight forward thanks to the ability to import field outlines from the RPA. Geofolia is available on 30 day free trial for the rest of 2020.

You can watch a 3 minute Peddar Farming review of Geofolia online:

Robert sees staying compliant with ever changing rules and regulation as a challenge for his business too, but Geofolia helps him to manage compliance. I particularly like the Agrobase agchem database which flags up any issues as you input them.

Both Robert and Nick 100% recommend Geofolia to other farmers with Nick saying Geofolia really allows the farmer to take control of the farming business.

Geofolia is available on a 30 day free trial (request online at and CropTec visitors can also request quick demos of Geofolia at any time.

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