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26 Nov 2020

Liquid Fertilizer LF 600 - With diversity to healthy soils

Liquid Fertilizer LF 600 - With diversity to healthy soils

by APV

Modern agriculture and crop farming is plagued by many problems. The species impoverishment of soil life reduces many agricultural soils to their function as pure cultivable land. The natural ability of soils to provide stability and to cushion negative environmental influences well is increasingly being lost. The result is a structureless, bare soil that can no longer provide for healthy plants - which has already occurred in many places or is already foreseeable. The use of regenerative microorganisms, combined with good agricultural practice, significantly strengthens the (microbiological) biodiversity. Their enormous importance is gradually coming into focus due to the role model effect of pioneering and rethinking. Soil health is our real capital - a fact that will have a major impact on our future. Because only intact ecosystems guarantee long-term security and yield. (Source: The Northern Forests)

Stubble cultivation

Fast rotting without rotting of straw, stubble and other crop residues is a desirable goal in stubble cultivation for various reasons.

Combined applications of a soil tillage implement and liquid agent doser are particularly suitable here. The microorganisms mixed in immediately, which increases efficiency even more.

The aim of the application is to stimulate soil life, the effective reduction of pathogens and accelerate rotting of crop residues.

Liquid Fertilizer LF 600 M1 - The specialist for liquids

The Liquid Fertilizer LF 600 M1 has been specially developed to take advantage of the benefits of our Pneumatic Seeders PS for liquid applications. It maximizes the localization with a spot jet or flat jet, which is used for liquid and inoculated fertilizers. Key elements are: the regulation of the dosage, the simultaneous use during the main operation as well as the possibility to determine with the highest precision the area and the type of product distribution. It increases the effectiveness of the application.

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