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13 Aug 2021

JWI introduces the Westrup CC-2500 into the UK

JWI introduces the Westrup CC-2500 into the UK

by JWI

JWI introduces the Westrup CC-2500 into the UK

It's an exciting time for North Yorkshire based JWI as they supply the first Westrup CC2500 into the UK marketplace.

Standing at over four metres in height this is one of the largest screen cleaners to be manufactured globally.

The CC2500 features:

  • A total screen area of 60sq.m with the following possibilities for flow:
  • Flow 1 pre cleaning: 20sq.m sand screen and 40sq.m scalping screens.
  • Flow 2 fine cleaning: 40sq.m sand screens and 20sq.m scalping screens.
  • Capacity for pre-cleaning wheat at 12t/sq.m scalping screen: Up to 480t/ hour wheat, 750kg/cu.m with moisture content at 18%
  • Capacity for fine cleaning wheat at 1.2t/ sq.m sand screen: Up to 48t/ hour wheat, 750kg/cu.m with moisture content at 15%
  • Industrial cleaning of wheat at 6.25t/ sq.m scalping screen: Up to 250t/ hour
  • Capacity for malting barley at 2.2t/sq.m sand screen: Up to 88t/ hour

Company director Charles White says: The JWI team are thrilled to be introducing this high capacity pre-cleaner to our customers.

The CC-2500 is the largest seed cleaner Westrup can build and its capabilities speak for themselves its an exceptional addition to our portfolio and we are looking forward to seeing our customers reap the rewards this machine delivers.

JWI are the exclusive distributors for Westrup within the UK.

Willem Verbeek, Westrup sales manager, says, We are very fortunate to have a great distributor network around the world and JWI is a great example of this. It wont be long before the CC-2500 is making a notable difference to JWI end customers.

Walking the fields now, there is definitely an improvement in the crops. We have had a very wet winter and even in some areas of our wheats that traditionally would have struggled, the crops look really good.

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