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22 May 2020

From January 2020, a new generation of Condor self-propelled sprayers was introduced by Agrifac

From January 2020, a new generation of Condor self-propelled sprayers was introduced by Agrifac

By Agrifac

The design has been updated in line with the Condor Endurance II, with another major update being the Stage V Cummins engine built into the heart of the machine. In addition, a number of improvements have been made in line with our 4 e for growers concept. Croptec Show 2020 will be the first UK event where this machine will be exhibited, in addition to being available to test drive.

Ever since its introduction, the Agrifac Condor has been renowned for its stability, precision and innovation.

The patented StabiloPlus chassis provides unparalleled stability in comparison to any other sprayer in the world, with GreenFlowPlus ensuring continuous pressure using the specially designed pump so that there is no difference in spraying at any point during operation, and no residual liquid left in the tank.

The extremely comfortable cab features the EcoTronicPlus control system, which is easy to understand and operate.

With options that give a wider track width (WideTrackPlus) and higher ground clearance (ClearancePlus), the tried and tested Condor concept can also be used in specific circumstances and the most diverse crops.

In addition to various possible options and versions, the Condor is ready to spray on plant level ensuring each individual plant receives the required dosage specific to its exact needs, thanks to Agrifac innovations such as AiCPlus (location-specific spraying thanks to camera technology) and DynamicDosePlus (individual dosage per nozzle).

Previously only available on the Endurance II, these innovations are now available on the Condor V, which is available with 4000 or 5000L tank options, and booms of up to 48m.

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