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16 Oct 2020

‘IPM Decisions’ - Increasing the impact of on-farm Decision Support Systems for Integrated Pest Management

Implementing Integrated Pest Management (IPM) practices to tackle pests, weeds and diseases can be a real challenge for farmers and advisors. Decision Support Systems (DSS) can assist on-farm decisions to implement IPM against invertebrates, weeds and pathogens.

The ‘IPM Decisions project, funded through Horizon 2020, will create an online platform that is easy to use for the monitoring and management of pests. A pan-European collective of farmers, advisors, DSS providers and researchers will design and develop the platform so it meets the needs of different types of user. The project will bring together expertise and resources to address barriers and limitations.

Each type of user will access the Platform via a tailored ‘dashboard, specific to their requirements. The dashboard will act as the users control panel to collate information and manage DSS applications. The project will not develop new DSS; the focus will be on delivering existing and future DSS for key pests (invertebrates, weeds and diseases) of major outdoor crops. The Platform will support a wide range of DSS which are free to use or commercial pay to use. Platform software, scientific publications and research data will be open access.

The 5-year project, led by ADAS with 27 partner organisations, began in June 2019. The platform will be available across Europe with DSS, data, tools and resources tailored to individual regions.

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Visit the project website for information on project partners, upcoming workshops and project updates.

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