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27 Feb 2020

Grain market consolidation prompts demand for grain marketing courses nationwide

Grain market consolidation prompts demand for grain marketing courses nationwide

by CRM

Grain market disruptors CRM AgriCommidities are responding to industry demand, launching a new Grain Trading Academy for farmers looking to understand how they can manage growing price volatility. This include three further grain marketing courses in April, including the first in Scotland, as demand for demystify grain marketing and creating more transparency continues to grow.

Independent grain market analysists and advisors, CRM AgriCommodities, have already led a successful course in Cirencester, Gloucestershire, which was attended by industry leading farmers. Places are filling quickly for the next three courses in Edinburgh (7th April), Lincoln (21st April) and Cambridge (22nd), which offer anyone involved in the buying and selling of cereals and oilseeds the opportunity to master a new skillset of risk management tools, develop a grain marketing plan and truly understand the causes and effects of market volatility.

Average UK wheat price variation is 46% compared with just 7% for yield, and farmers are now realising that if they can manage both effectively, then it is only going to help them and their businesses during a period of change, uncertainty and great opportunities. Gone are the days of chucking grain in a shed certain it will be worth more in six months time! says CRM AgriCommodities co-founder James Bolesworth.

CRM AgriCommodities subscriber Ali Wade, from Kinrah Farms, Wiltshire, says: Its not just about yield, but getting the best price for what we produce, particularly in tough times. The independent advice and training from CRM AgriCommodities gives us the trusted insights we need to understand the markets and increase our profitability.

Performance and risk management are at the core of CRM AgriCommodities strategies. James says: Over the past five years we have beaten the AHDB wheat market average by £9/T on average. Our aim is to provide a level of consistency and certainty to a business bottom line and ultimately smooth out the huge variations in year-to-year financial performance coming from market volatility. Ultimately, as the grain industry consolidates, farmers are having to shoulder increasing market volatility, particularly post-harvest.

With an above 95% customer retention rate for their existing range of independent grain marketing services, analysis and grain marketing courses, CRM AgriCommodities will also be launching Graintab, a completely online solution to help businesses manage risk and volatility within the grain market in an even more reactive and informed way whilst providing education to farmers from all corners of the country.

James says: Our analysis and insights set out a clear picture of the market, which, coupled with straightforward market opinions and actionable strategies allow businesses buying and selling grains and oilseeds to make better informed decisions without hesitation. Our one day courses really complement these services and enable our customers to be even more confident in the market and take control of their marketing.

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