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16 Nov 2022

Global agricultural solutions giant to launch new ‘farmer-first’ biosolutions range at CropTe

Global agricultural solutions giant to launch new ‘farmer-first biosolutions range at CropTe

A new platform to showcase a range of biosolutions from leading global agriculture solutions group, UPL Ltd, that will allow famers and growers to reduce their reliance on traditional chemical pesticides will officially launch in the UK at this years CropTec.

NPP which stands for Natural Plant Protection will make it simpler for farmers to comply with global regulation whilst embracing solutions that will safeguard the planet.

The innovation of NPP products starts at farm and field level, not in a laboratory, with seven research and development field stations around the world where its scientists meet farmers to develop real-world interventions.

NPPs large product portfolio will include an elicitor, Iodus and biopest management product, Carpovirusine. Other products are developed for soil health, seed and plant stimulation and disease and pest management.

Gemma Nokes, Head of Marketing for UK and Ireland at UPL, said: CropTec is the perfect place for the UK launch of NPP. We want to ensure that what is good for crops is also good for the environment but accessible and cost-effective for farmers and growers. NPPs biosolutions will do just this.

In addition to having an extensive product range that has gone through robust, scientific and real-world testing, we are heavily focused on educating the sector on the application of natural technologies too

We will do this by providing extensive online educational resources to users. We will partner with NPP users to demonstrate best use of products in programmed approaches and provide in-depth and build technical skills across the industry.

Understanding each product, its benefit and its application will allow farmers to improve business sustainability in a cost-effective way by using the solutions effectively.

NPP aims to ensure higher yields and improved productivity for farmers with reduced environmental impact to help to shape a sustainable food future.

With ever-changing legislation and a firm focus on farming more sustainably, the biosolutions market is set to be a $10bn industry by 2025.

As part of UPL Ltd., NPP will benefit from UPLs global distribution trail and utilise its comprehensive research and development capabilities.

It is also part of OpenAg a global agriculture network that connects the Worlds food system, feeds sustainable growth and challenges the industry for positive change. Using the network, NPP will utilise collaborative partnerships to enable global training programmes.

Visitors to CropTec will find NPP at stand 1.240.

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