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28 May 2020

Fendt Rogator 300 sprayer updates for 2020

Fendt Rogator 300 sprayer updates for 2020

By Fendt

The Fendt Rogator 300 has seen some updates for 2020, cementing its place as one of the trailed sprayer front runners this year, says the manufacturer.

The range includes three models with tank sizes from 4400 litres to 6600 litres, all mounted on the single beam chassis concept developed on the RG600 self-propelled machine.

This enables the RG300 to have an outstanding steering angle reducing crop damage at headlands despite the large tyre offering available. Now coupled with the independent suspension, which allows for an improved and safer ride on the road with Stability Control, in addition to the ability to level the chassis while crossing side hills, this has raised the bar once again, says Fendt.

The booms have seen an update in terms of size and technology. All models in the range can now be equipped with a 36m triple fold boom adding to the previous twinfold set up.

Adding to this is the new AGCO Boom Height Control system, which utilises four sensors across the boom allowing for a better overall picture of the terrain, while improving the user interface, making operation easier and allowing for better decisions on set up for different field conditions.

The sprayers can be kitted out with a choice of three different nozzle body offerings including a quad body. The RG300 comes standard with individual nozzle control available, with the tractor only requiring the matching level of accuracy.

This attached with the Optinozzle control, which aims to increase potential forward speed of operation while maintaining a set level of drift, ensures that valued product is applied accurately to the crop with the least amount of over application on the headland.

Drawing on 10 years plus experience with the self-propelled machines, the spraypack on the Rogator 300 is an identical design to that of the RG600. Included are a high capacity centrifugal pump and options on fast fill and high flow plumbing for high fertiliser rates, all easily cleaned with the new autorinse system.

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