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10 Dec 2023

Exploring sustainable solutions at CropTec’s 'Smart Farming Hub'

CropTec opens its doors at its new location of the NAEC, Stoneleigh (29 and 30 November) and as usual it’s all about knowledge exchange as well as showcasing the latest in agricultural technology and innovation.

The 'Smart Farming Hub,' organised and sponsored by Natural Plant Protection (NPP) by UPL, is where visitors can dive into the world of smart and sustainable agriculture.

UPL, a leading name in agricultural solutions, is returning with its acclaimed NPP range. These biosolutions provide an eco-friendly alternative to traditional chemical pesticides without compromising on efficacy or yield.

Launched at CropTec 2022, the NPP range has since made waves in the arable sector. The team are keen to talk to visitors about the company’s flagship biofungicides Thiopron (sulphur), and Iodus (laminarin). Technical experts will be on hand to guide farmers and agronomists on how to integrate biofungicides with conventional chemistry for cost-effective disease control.

Presentations on both days of the show will bring further insight from experts Miles Taylor and Thomas Gent.

Miles Taylor is UPL’s Technical Development Manager for bioinsecticides. With 15 years of experience in agchem, he has worked with industry leaders, start-ups, and research organisations in technical product development. Now part of the global NPP team at UPL, Miles is dedicated to bringing the next generation of bioinsecticides and bionematicides to farms.

His presentation, "Are Bioinsecticides the Future?", will explore the exciting prospects of bioinsecticides in modern agriculture. With his extensive background in the field and a passion for sustainable solutions, he will inspire and educate the CropTec audience on the innovative approaches shaping the future of farming.

Thomas Gent is a fourth-generation farmer from south Lincolnshire. His family farm has been practising regenerative agriculture for 16 years and monitoring and trading carbon for the past four years. Thomas is the UK market lead for Agreena, which operates Europe's largest carbon farming program working with over 1,000,000 ha and has paid out for than €6,000,000 to farmers so far.

His presentation will introduce the concept of carbon farming, carbon certificates, and how Agreena is helping farmers in 17 countries across the world to unlock the power of regenerative practices.

The 'Smart Farming Hub' at CropTec provides the opportunity for farmers and industry professionals to learn, connect, and discover sustainable solutions for a brighter and greener agricultural future. Don’t miss out!

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