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16 Oct 2020

Expanding Range from Clayton Plant Protection

Through inhouse development and collaboration with leading European and Global Manufacturers, Clayton Plant Protection's range of cost-effective plant protection products is expanding rapidly. The addition of a number of new generic products in 2021 will further enhance their offer and bring valuable choice to agronomists and farmers. Product quality and customer service remain key drivers at this family firm with the majority of their generic products manufactured in Europe and the UK.

Already approved and in use on oilseed rape this autumn are two new fungicide products marketed by Clayton and manufactured by Finchimica of Italy. These products are based on the active ingredient prothioconazole, with Traciafin Plus being a straight 250g formulation of this active and Protefin containing Tebuconazole along with Prothioconazole. Also manufactured by Finchimica and marketed by Clayton is the metconazole product, Metfin 90. With the loss of Epoxiconazole in 2021 these three new triazole products, along with Claytons own straight tebuconazole product, Clayton Tebucon 250EW, will help to ensure agronomists and farmers have the tools needed to control key diseases such as Septoria and Yellow Rust.

Claytons herbicide offering will be boosted by the addition of Clayton Mizen, a 70% w/w WDG metribuzin herbicide for use in potatoes. Clayton Neutron, a sugar beet herbicide containing 700g/litre Metamitron also joins the range for 2021 along with a 200g/litre Fluroxypyr herbicide for use in cereals and grassland.

Additionally, Clayton will be launching two new plant growth regulators. These will be based on the established active ingredients, Chlormequat and Ethephon. Supported by Clayton Proud, a parallel import of the popular PGR Terpal, these products provide all the options needed to avoid lodging in cereal crops in 2021

Clayton look forward to showcasing their expanding range at Croptec Digital in November.Further information can be found on the Calyton website, or by contacting

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