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23 Nov 2021

Engage Agro Advance Foliar Frost Protection

Engage Agro Advance Foliar Frost Protection

Engage Agro are known as the innovators of the agricultural industry across the world when it comes to fertilisers and crop enhancement products. This year, they will take a prominent position at CropTec with a product launch set to bring new hope to farmers and growers across Europe with an exciting new addition to their range, Mas Power ‘Active Frost.

As 2020 will testament, frost is still a significant factor in yield reduction and crop loss every year. The damage a frost can make to plant quality even when protected by fleece can make or break a crop and even extended cold periods limit the potential of crops to reduce overall return due to increased cellular stress.

In 2018 Engage Agro began looking at the mechanisms of frost damage in plants and if possible, how to mitigate them. 2020 saw successful invitro trials in ornamental species and leafy salads. In the challenging cold spring this year, field trials were undertaken in to gather as much data as possible. With the exceptionally cold spring this season the on farm trials were incredibly challenging, however, results proved very positive and yielded significant increases in plant protection across a range of agricultural and horticultural crops. Most importantly the technology was able to offer protection from multiple frost events to

-4oC with just one application per week.

So, what is Mas Power ‘Active Frost and how does it protect crops.

Active Frost and is a powerful blend of boron, cold anti-stress compounds, selected plant L-amino acids and cryo-protectants.

Applied just 24-48 hours before a frost event, results of the invitro and farm trials of the advanced foliar technology has proven to:

• Coat plant tissues to disrupt the formation of ice crystals which induce internal thermic reduction which normally leads to the formation of ice in cells.

• Support localised changes in intracellular fluid content which increases the time it takes to form ice in cells and reduces the risk of long-term tissue damage.

• Penetrate plant tissues to provide and stimulate the production of anti-stress compounds within cells and intracellular spaces. This dramatically reduces the production of stress response induced compounds during cold stress, aiding rapid tissue recovery and reducing long term damage.

Andrew Aspinall, sales director of Engage Ago is very excited about the launch at CropTec this week.

‘I have been a grower, agronomist and advisor for over 30 years and have tried many purported frost protection products. I can say with no hesitation that ‘Active Frost has both impressed and surprised me in its ability to protect plant tissues against frost. Not only can it provide up to a weeks protection from just a single application but unlike other products I have tried, it is affordable in use. The Engage team are excited to launch the product at the show and look forward to speaking to farmers and growers on their stand 1.88 about the potential protection ‘Active Frost can provide.

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