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27 Oct 2022

CropTec Knowledge Hubs explore key arable topics

CropTec Knowledge Hubs explore key arable topics

Visitors to The CropTec Show at the East of England Showground on November 23 and 24 are invited to explore the most pressing issues facing the arable sector via five specialist Knowledge Hubs.

Water, natural capital, digital farming, Integrated Pest Management (IPM) and training are the focus for the Hubs which have their own programme of presentations plus experts on hand throughout the days for further questions and discussion.

Future Water Quality and Quantity

Julie Jackson, Catchment Advisor for Anglian Water, sponsor of the Water Hub said: We are looking forward to discussing water quality and quantity and the impact that this may bring to agriculture and Anglian Water in the next five years.

The Water Hub at CropTec will be a great way to get these discussions started and find answers to the questions that we all have. Anglian Water would like to make water part of your future.

Speakers include BBROs Dr Simon Bowen, Syngentas Belinda Bailey, Ian Gould of Oakbank Game and Conservation and Tim Farr Vice Chairman of the Association of Drainage Authorities and the Trent Valley Internal Drainage Board. Farmer speakers include arable farmer and chair of the NFU Environment Forum Richard Bramley and James Beamish of Holkham Farming Company. Other speakers include Tom Storr, research agronomist at Dyson Farming; Alice Green, Policy Advisor on Climate and Water at the CLA; and Rob Burtonshaw, Nuffield Scholar and owner of Drainage Systems Ltd.

Getting Value From Farming Data

Bayers Digital Farming Hub will be exploring how new technology, such as its digital farming platform Climate FieldView, is changing the way farmers collect, share and interact with their data.

Max Dafforn, Digital Activation Manager said: Modern farming is generating huge amounts of data and farmers are told this data has value. We will be sharing on-farm examples from this harvest of how farmers are using data to inform variety choice, optimise nitrogen use, evaluate disease management and streamline data collection.

Expert speakers include Dr Christina Baxter and Dr Daniel Kindred, both from ADAS. Bayer Digital Activation Specialists Edward Lawton-Bradshaw and Ellie Borthwick-North will be hosting interactive Q&A sessions with FieldView users to hear first-hand how farmers are benefitting from the system.

Leveraging Natural Capital

Trinity AgTech will be putting natural capital under the spotlight in its Hub which will examine the opportunities for farmers. Trinitys Director of Business Development Anna Woodley will discuss how to create an asset register of a farms natural capital potential and how to leverage it to create multiple income streams.

Other speakers include Managing Director Juan Palomares who will explore carbon trading, while Dr Emily Pope, Director of Trinity Global Farm Pioneers and Shropshire farmer Michael Kavanagh will discuss how Trinity Global Farm Pioneers is supporting groups to integrate ideas on a single platform.

A Fresh Approach to IPM

AHDB will be taking a fresh look at Integrated Pest Management (IPM) at its Hub encouraging growers to consider the potential benefits of implementing IPM principles including stable yields, reduced costs and environmental payments. Speakers will explore the tools, research-based information and services available to help growers plan for success.

The programme includes Catherine Harries, Senior Scientist in AHDBs IPM team who is specialist in diseases of cereals and oilseeds and together with her team is responsible for the Recommended List disease ratings and Fungicide Performance curves. Joining her is Dr Mark Ramsden, Principal Consultant at ADAS who specialises in the management of pest and beneficial invertebrates and developing enabling methodologies for the implementation of IPM.

Training and Personal Development

The BASIS-sponsored Training Zone will be encouraging visitors to think about their professional development. Its programme will focus on soils, environment and crop protection and the importance of keeping skills and knowledge of those key areas up to date, as well as showcasing the opportunities available.

A range of speakers from leading agricultural institutions like Vaderstad, NIAB, ADAS, Allerton Project, RSPB, Unium Biosciences, AICC and De Sangosse will outline training opportunities and explain the importance of development within their specific sectors and areas of expertise.

For more information on the Knowledge Hubs and to register for your FREE ticket visit

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