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03 Nov 2020

Cranfield have the largest collection of soil and water scientists in the UK

Cranfield have the largest collection of soil and water scientists in the UK

by Cranfield

Cranfield is a specialist postgraduate university with a leading reputation for working closely with industry to ensure that our research is translated into action on the ground.

We have the largest collection of soil and water scientists in the UK, who can help you with sustainable soil, crop and water management, future ELMS requirements and Net Zero; a renowned postharvest research group, looking at challenges around food loss and storage and sustainable supply chains; and expertise in use of big data to support on farm decision making.

We can co-develop any project (small or large) flexibly to meet your business needs, using direct funding, working with our students or collaborating on Government funded programmes.

For example, if you have an innovative and challenging idea to advance your business but need additional knowledge and capability to fulfil your ambition, then a Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) might be the right route for you. We have had multiple successful KTPs with the agricultural sector.

According to AB Sugar, for example, ‘Having an additional member of the team, with skills and knowledge new to the company, has been a very beneficial asset, we didn't previously realise we had missing.

Our most recent KTP is with Elsoms Seeds. Elsoms strive to deliver the best quality seed to customers in the UK and abroad. Through access to expertise, technology and equipment that they did not previously have, this KTP has helped the business to investigate new and innovative ways to enhance seed performance for their customers. In addition the partnership has provided an excellent opportunity to network with other groups within Cranfield, increasing the scope of technology available, and extending the collaboration to external partners, such as CHAP and Agri-EPI. Engagement with Cranfield has helped to increase the knowledge base and expertise of staff at Elsoms, embedding these new approaches into the company.

As in the case of Elsoms Seeds, KTP projects can often make use of the facilities and expertise associated with the:

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